NYC.May.2018.Dispatch.Jackson Browne

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“You can dream

But you can never go back the way you came.”

      You Love The Thunder

   “He doesn’t age,” Caroline exclaimed, as he walked onto the stage at the Beacon Theater in NYC. We weren’t seeing him up close but it seemed true enough. She had seen Jackson Browne in concert more than once in the past, starting in the 70s. He had the same hairstyle and physique, but now he wore eyeglasses, something we never saw in those early album covers. I guess, these days, he needs them as much as I do to see what he is doing.

   For most of us-usually when we are teenagers-there is a musician that makes a lasting impact in our lives. Caroline’s was Jackson Browne. She has told me of how she used to “sit in my room with the door closed, listening to his music for hours, while I contemplated how my 17-year-old self would navigate the world and figure out who I was.” I guess Jackson Browne helped her out with that.

  So there we were, tapping into some of Caroline’s memories; my anniversary gift to her.


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